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Frequently Asked Questions

70 Point Inspection

What is included in our 70 Point Inspection Process?
John Mann’s Guitar Vault – 70 Point Guitar Inspection & Setup Checklist

Fit & Finish (If applicable):
  • Body front
  • Body back
  • Body sides
  • Headstock
  • Tuner buttons
  • Nut
  • Neck front
  • Neck back
  • Frets
  • Side dots
  • Inlays
  • Cutaways
  • Neck joint
  • Pickguard
  • Cover Plates
Hardware (If applicable):
  • Check bridge for proper operation
  • Check tuning machines for proper operation
  • Check pickup height
  • Check output jack for proper operation
  • Check strap buttons
  • Check that all screws and hardware and mounted and tightened properly
  • Perform shake, rattle and vibration test
  • Stretch strings numerous times until stable tuning is achieved
  • Tune guitar
  • Play open strings and check for buzz
  • Check string action height and set to manufacturer’s specs
  • Check intonation with strobe tuner and adjust as needed
  • Play all notes on the fretboard and check for buzz
  • Play 1/2-step bends
  • Play whole-step and extreme bends
  • Play variety of chords and styles
  • Retune guitar
Electronics (If applicable):
  • Test volume and tone pots
  • Test output jack
  • Test pickup selector switch
  • Test any specialized switching
  • Test pickup functions
  • Test piezo functions
  • Test MIDI functions
  • Test push/pull pots
  • Test onboard tuner
  • Test onboard preamp and effects
Final Prep:
  • Polish headstock, recheck
  • Polish neck, back and sides of body, recheck
  • Polish front, recheck
  • Inspect interior and exterior of case
  • Case/Gig Bag/Box Contents (If applicable):
  • Manual
  • Warranty form
  • Hang Tags
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Free Annual Setup Card
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Vibrato arm
  • Tremolo/bridge cover
  • Truss Rod wrench
  • Allen wrench(s)
  • Endpin
  • Spare Nut
  • Spare Saddle
  • Picks
  • Power supply
  • Strap locks
  • Pickup covers
  • Pickguard
  • Humidifier
  • Strap
  • Polish cloth

Packaging / Shipment (If applicable):

  • Pack guitar into shipping box with proper packing material
  • Insure guitar for full value
  • Verify correct shipping address and tracking information

Free Shipping

What qualifies for free shipping?
- Shipping address must be within the continental United States (lower 48 states)
- Any orders of NEW Products greater than $99 (less shipping costs)

Return Policy

What is your Return/Refund policy?

Refund / Return Policy:

Please contact our Customer Service Dept for Return Authorization !!!

Original sales receipt must accompany returns.

IN STORE purchases of ALL guitars, amps, effects are FINAL !
We will issue store credit only (valid for 1 year only)

Online purchases of NEW guitars, amps, effects
48 hours after receipt of the product.

Our return policy varies, depending on the type of product you purchased from us.

  • New Guitars - In Store - No refunds / Online - 48 hours after receipt of the product
  • Pre-Owned Guitars - In Store - No refunds / Online - 48 hours after receipt of the product
  • See additional terms below for more details.
Guitar Parts & Hardware:
  • New Parts & Hardware - 10 calendar days after receipt of the product.
  • Pre-Owned Parts & Hardware - No refunds, unless previously agreed to.
  • See additional terms below for more details.
We accept returns for exchange or refund, based on product category, after delivery of the product.
At our sole discretion, we may offer an exchange or store credit for items returned beyond the terms of our return policy.
  • Items must be in "new, unaltered and unused condition".
  • Definition of new, unaltered and unused condition is: without showing signs of wear or damage in any way, or re-salable in new, unused condition.
  • No refunds or exchanges on any special order or custom order product(s).
  • No refunds of deposits on any special order or custom order product(s).
  • No refunds on used or pre-owned instruments, unless previously agreed to.
  • No refunds on layaway items, in store or online.
  • No refunds on any electronic products, including amplifiers, pedals, effects. If it has a power cord or battery, it is considered an electronic device.
  • If an item is received damaged or is incorrectly shipped by us, please contact Customer Support immediately.
  • Items that are received defective, may qualify for exchange, store credit or refund - at our sole discretion.
  • Items that you did not order but received from us will qualify for full refund or store credit (including shipping).
  • Refunds are contingent upon inspection of item(s) once we receive it.
  • Customer is responsible for all costs associated with the sale, shipping and insurance of the item purchased. Credit card fees, etc are included.
  • At our discretion, there may be, up to, a 15% restocking fee for returned items that are not being exchanged and are not damaged. This typically occurs when we order a product for you that we normally do not stock. Credit card charge and refund fees are included.
  • At our discretion, we may refund credit sales with a business check.
  • Again you MUST contact us within return policy time (based on product category) prior to returning ANY item back to our store.
  • Items returned to us WITHOUT contacting us will NOT be refunded.

What qualifies for free shipping?
- Shipping address must be within the continental United States (lower 48 states)
- Any orders greater than $99 (less shipping costs)

What does "In Store Pickup" mean?
It means that you will pickup your purchase at our showroom location in Bedford, NH 03110.

- We will NOT ship it.

- Arrangements must be made to pickup your order within 30 days of purchase, unless previously agreed.
  (Items not claimed within 30 days will be returned to stock, and store credit issued).

Do you offer a Layaway plan ?

We offer a 60-day layaway program. A minimum deposit of 25% of the purchase price is required. 
There are no fees, and deposits are 100% refundable only as store credit

You must pay the balance and pick up your items within 60 days. Layaways that pass 60 days will be cancelled. The item(s) will be released and your deposit will be credited to an account in your name. 
Some items may not be available for layaway.

Do I have to pay Sales Tax?
New Hampshire does not have Sales Tax, therefore we do not charge you any Sales Tax.
Hence our state motto..."Live Free or Die"

Unfortunately, if you purchase something from us on / / you may be liable for local taxes due in your locale.
These websites each have their own policies regarding tax collection.

International orders may be subject to duties, fees. taxes or tarriffs based on the country you live in. John Mann's Guitar Vault is not responsible for these fees. Due to US federal regulations and insurance requirements, we always declare full value for all items shipped.

When will my credit card be charged for the order I placed?
Your credit card is charged when your order is shipped.

Product Installation

How do I install a MannMade USA Vibrato Bridge?

PRS Pickup Ring info

What pickup ring will fit my PRS guitar?
Basically, any standard humbucker pickup ring will fit a PRS humbucker equipped guitar. 
PRS typically uses flat rings on tremolo equipped guitars and tapered rings on stoptail equipped guitars.

Use this chart to correctly order the right set of pickup rings for your guitar.

Can I install PRS Core (USA) pickup rings on my PRS SE or S2 guitar?
Absolutely ! 
Be aware that the mounting screws are slightly different.

Can I install PRS SE pickup rings on a PRS Core (USA) or Bolt-on model guitar?
Absolutely! Be aware that the mounting screws are slightly different.

Why are some pickup rings flat and others tapered (angled)?
Because of the different neck angles that stoptail versus tremolo guitars are designed.
Stoptail equipped guitars typically have a steeper neck angle, which places the bridge higher off the body. Thus you need tapered pickup rings!
Conversely, trem equipped guitars have necks set in at flatter angles, thus flat pickup rings.

Trade-In versus Consignment

Do you accept Trade-Ins or Consignments?
Yes we do accept Trade-Ins and /or Consignments

What is best for me... Trade-In or Consignment?
That all depends...

Trade-In gives you immediate cash towards your next purchase. 
However, as a Trade-In, we typically will offer you only 50% of the current pre-owned retail value of your guitar or amp.
This assumes that it is is good working condition, not needing any repair.

Consignment gives you a better return on your guitar or amp. However, you only get the money for it, after we have sold it.
If you consign a guitar or amp with us, you will receive 75% of the final selling price, once it has sold.
You determine the selling price, which gives you control over how much money you will net after the sale of the item consigned.
This assumes that it is is good working condition, not needing any repair.

All Trade-Ins and Consignments must meet the following criteria:
1.) You are the legal owner of the item.
2.) There are no liens attached to the item.
3.) The item must have a retail value of greater than $500.
4.) The item must be good working condition, not needing any repair.
5.) If repairs are necessary, we will perform the work and deduct the cost of said work.
6.) The item must be in clean condition, ready to display for sale. 
7.) If cleaning is necessary, we will perform the work and deduct the cost of said work.

Please contact us to discuss either of the options in greater detail.

(603) 488-1912

Tuning Stability Troubleshooting Guide

My guitar will not stay in tune. What's wrong?
Troubleshooting tuning issues:

1. Is bridge installed correctly?
    a. Watch video -
    b. Saddle height should match fingerboard radius.
    c. Saddles should be parallel to the bridge plate. Both height set screws should be the same height, NOT angled!
2. Is nut installed correctly?
    a. Strings should pass thru the nut in a straight line.
    b. Strings should not bind, pinch or stick in the string slot.
    c. Do you hear “pinging” when tuning up to pitch? That is a clear sign that the string in pinched in the string slot.
    d. If guitar is equipped with a vibrato (tremolo) bridge, the nut should be made of a material that self- lubricates.
3. Are tuners installed correctly?
    a. Tuners should be mounted securely, with no looseness (free play or wiggle).
    b. Are strings relatively new? “Dead” strings tend not to hold their tuning.
    c. Always tune up to pitch (not down). The tuning gear must have pressure on the gears to hold tuning properly.
    d. Are the strings properly wound on the tuner peg? The string should self-lock on itself to eliminate any slippage.
        How to do it -
    e. If guitar is equipped with a vibrato (tremolo) bridge, locking tuners are a must.
4. Are frets dressed and level?
    a. Excessive fret wear will cause a note to play out of tune.
5. Is truss rod properly adjusted?
6. Is guitar properly intonated?
7. Are pickups set too close to the strings?
    a. Pickups that are set too close to the strings will cause the guitar to go out of tune, due to the magnetic pull of the pickup magnets.

Vibrato Bridge Compatibility

Which MannMade USA Vibrato Bridge fits my guitar?