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11/15/20 - MannMade USA releases new Fixed Bridge for PRS SE Holcomb & SE 277 guitars

Michael Vincent "A-B" demo of a PRS SE Holcomb guitar with the stock Steel cast hardtail bridge and the new MannMade USA "PRS Fatback" Hardtail Bridge.

The MannMade USA bridge was originally designed by John Mann, who pitched it to Paul Reed Smith in the late 1980's. At the time, Paul decided not to use the design. It lay dormant for years until PRS released the SE Mike Mushok Baritone, which has morphed into the 277 Baritone. The signature SE Mark Holcomb also shares this bridge.

MannMade USA expects to have this bridge available in early December 2020. It is precision machined in Bedford, NH, USA from billet Brass and uses the same saddles and hardware as all the other PRS related products that MannMade USA has produced since 1985.

It will be available to purchase at John Mann's Guitar Vault -

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