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Fishman Platinum Stage Class-A EQ/DI

Fishman Platinum Stage EQ Analog Preamp and DI

The preamp itself utilizes a high-headroom Class-A design, with a four-band EQ section that can be voiced separately, by means of a switch, for bass and guitar. A phase switch aids you in the never-ending battle against feedback in live scenarios. To add a little more volume for solos or other stand-out sections, a boost button has been provided, its level of gain adjustable by means of a wheel located next to the button. Simply depress this button to engage the boost. You’ll also find an input trim pot to better attenuate your pickups to the signal path provided by the Platinum Stage. It comes with a belt clip for easy on-stage attachment to your person. In addition to drawing upon 48V phantom power, the unit can run using a 9V battery, or with an optional power supply.

17V discrete Class-A preamp
4-band tone controls with sweepable mids and low frequency filter
EQ modes switchable between guitar and bass
Phase control reduces feedback
Volume boost button with level control wheel
Balanced XLR DI with pre/post EQ setting and automatic ground lift
Belt clip included