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Byers Model 10 Combo


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Byers Model 10 Combo
Seafoam Green
Pre-Owned 2007 - Mint Condition

Trevor Byers worked at the Fender Custom Shop and has seen it all, from carefully reproducing old vintage gear to building new guitars to exacting specification. Trevor founded Byers Amplifiers because he saw a need for amps that no one else was building. One of his amps was an original product, the Byers Model 10, while the other was a faithful re-creation of one of Leo’s earliest K&F amps – an amp so old and rare that the only way to see one is to make a pilgrimage to the Fullerton Museum in California. Byers had unique values regarding the way things should sound, feel and look. 

Trevor Byers owned and operated Byers Amps in Corona, California. USA

“I started manufacture in 2007 and all have a serial number starting at 001 and going to 021 for the first year. 2008 starts with 022. All numbers are stamped on the back tag and handwritten inside the chassis...I was trying to achieve was a combination of the tweed Champ and Princeton, combined with a blackface Champ and Princeton. I wanted to be able to combine all four of those amps together so you could get a really grungy, overdriven, tweed tone or a really clean, clear tone with or without tone controls. -Trevor Byers

  • Controls : Power Switch, Standby Switch, Bass Control, Treble Control, Volume Control, Overdrive Switch
  • Inputs: Input 2 is wired for standard Gain, Input 1 is wired for 6db less gain
  • 120 VAC @ 38ma. 45W Power Consumption
  • Rated @ 5 Watts RMS at 5% THD into 4 ohm output impedence
  • 2 Amp Fuse
  • 10" Weber Blue Pup Speaker
  • 6V6 x1, 12AX7 x1
  • Dimensions: 12.25" x 13.50" x 9.50"
  • 26 lbs

  • Original Manual Packet with promo card Included
  • D2F padded dust cover Included