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Ultrasound AG-50DS2


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Ultrasound AG-50DS2
Pre-Owned Circa 2003 - Excellent

UltraSound Amplifiers was actually a shoot off of UJC Electronics. UJC Electronics was a company that was in the business of contract electronic assembly work (PCB Assembly) since 1985. The UltraSound Amplifier was the result of having an engineer, Greg Farres, on staff who spent twelve years in the music industry designing and producing amplifiers. It was Greg's desire to build and bring to market an amplifier that meets the musician's needs in the acoustic arena. 

  • Input Impedance: 1 Meg
  • Sensitivity: 150MV to 6V
  • Output Power: 50W RMS
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: .1%
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 98db
  • GUITAR INPUT: Instrument input. Designed for both active and passive pickups.
  • SEND: This jack provides an unbalanced output from the preamp, it does not include effects or tone control signal.
  • RETURN: This jack provides a signal pre-eq. It automatically disconnects the preamp when used.
  • Effects LEVEL: Controls the amount of digital effect mixed in to the guitar signal from 0% to 50%.
  • Effects MODE: This is a rotary encoder, which selects 1 of 16 different digital effects.
  • LEVEL: Adjusts the pre amp gain,(sensitivity), of the guitar channel.
  • BASS: Adjusts the amount of cut or boost in the low frequency range.
  • TREBLE: Adjusts the amount of cut or boost in the high frequency range.
  • Notch Filter HZ: Sets the frequency of the 18db cut NOTCH FILTER that is used to control resonant feedback.
  • Notch Filter: ON/OFF - Enables or disables the notch filter control.
  • Mono Line out: This jack provides an unbalanced out put from the preamp that is post eq and post efx. This send can be used to feed a signal to a recording or sound reinforcement mixer.
  • Stereo Line Out: This jack provides an unbalanced stereo output that is post eq and post efx. This sendcan be used to feed a stereo signal to a recording or sound reinforcement mixer. Additionally, with theuse of a “Y” cable, this stereo output can be used to drive 2 slave amps
  • Headphones: This jack provides a stereo signal to drive headphones. When playing with one of the stereo effects such as Chorus or Flange, the stereo separation is very evident. The use of this jack will disengage the amplifiers internal speakers.
  • Direct out: Balanced output signal used to feed recording or sound reinforcement equipment.