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Vox AC-30/6


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Vox AC-30-6
Pre-Owned - Good Condition

Amp is hard to pinpoint as far as a date goes.
It does have an early printed circuit board that faces backwards which is congruent with the "Birch-Stolec Era" but the solder board doesn't look like others I've seen from this era of VOX.

The pots look newer than 1970 to 1973 which is when this series ran. (Ink printed date codes on pots) 
2 out of 3 transformers are modern mercury magnetics
Speakers appear to be replacement

Some of these amps had solid state rectifiers and some had tube. I'd say that this amp was converted to solid state rectification due to the fact that the hole for the GZ34 socket is punched out.
Another curiosity is that there is not the standard 2 outer rubber handles on this amp (Only center handle.) Upon looking through every series of AC-30 through current production it appears they have all had the customary 3 handle layout. This amp does not have the holes there.

That being said - this is a great sounding amp!