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MannMade USA PRS-GK3 Pickup Ring Adapter - Black


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How to Install:

This GK3 pickup ring adapter requires no modification to your guitar.

1.) Remove your strings.
2.) Remove the four (4) pickup ring mounting screws (in the corners).
3.) Lift the entire pickup assembly out of its cavity - NO NEED TO DISASSEMBLE pickup from pickup ring.
4.) Slide the GK3 pickup ring adapter over the pickup assembly, so that it is underneath the pickup assembly.
5.) Re-install your pickup assembly into its cavity and install the four (4) pickup ring mounting screws.
6.) Attach the Roland GK3 midi pickup using either two (2) sided tape or two (2) drops of "Super Glue".
7.) Follow the installation and setup instructions provided with your Roland GK3 midi pickup.
8.) Install new strings, tune up and rock on!