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ThroBak ESG-102B P.A.F. Humbucker Guitar Pickups (Set) - Nickel

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ThroBak ESG-102B P.A.F. Humbucker Guitar Pickups (Set)
Pre-Owned - Mint Condition

The ThroBak ESG-102B, PAF humbucker clones are copies of late PAF and early PAF spec. Pat.# pickups of the early 60's. Copied directly from a '64 SG the ESG-102B PAF humbuckers have the same average 7.5k resistance and short A5 bridge, short A2 neck magnet combination typical of PAF pickups of this era. Wound on our vintage Leesona 102B for the ultimate in vintage winding accuracy, these PAF clones have the same snarl and bite in the bridge and acoustic depth in the neck of the original PAF pickups installed in vintage ES-335 and SG guitars of this era. If you want the period correct pickups for your early '60's ES or SG style guitars the the ESG-102B Pickups are it!

  • Neck Pickup Resistance: 7.5k
  • Bridge Pickup Resistance: 7.4k


  • PAF clone Butyrate bobbins tooled and molded in the USA to vintage specs..
  • Coils wound on vintage Leesona 102B winder for unsurpassed vintage winding accuracy.
  • PAF repro baseplates tooled and stamped in the USA for ThroBak.
  • PAF repro covers stamped in USA and Nickel plated (with no Copper) at the same Kalamazoo shop that plated vintage PAF covers.
  • Pole screws with vintage alloys cloned from 50's vintage PAF screws with cold form die tooled for ThroBak. Made in USA.
  • Slugs with vintage alloys cut with a vintage Brown and Sharpe automatic screw machine for correct vintage look. Made in USA.
  • Vintage Spec. Plain Enamel 42AWG magnet wire made with vintage coating and processes. Made in USA.
  • Alnico magnets custom cast in the USA with vintage formulations.
  • Vintage correct braided wire. Made in USA.


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