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Troubleshooting tuning issues:

  1.        Is bridge installed correctly?
  2.        Watch video -
  3.        Saddle height should match fingerboard radius.
  4.        Saddles should be parallel to the bridge plate. Both height set screws should be the same height, NOT angled!
  5.        Is nut installed correctly?         
  6.        Strings should pass thru the nut in a straight line.
  7.        Strings should not bind, pinch or stick in the string slot.
  8.        Do you hear “pinging” when tuning up to pitch? That is a clear sign that the string in pinched in the string slot.
  9.        If guitar is equipped with a vibrato (tremolo) bridge, the nut should be made of a material that self- lubricates.
  10.        Are tuners installed correctly?
  11.        Tuners should be mounted securely, with no looseness (free play or wiggle).
  12.        Are strings relatively new? “Dead” strings tend not to hold their tuning.
  13.        Always tune up to pitch (not down). The tuning gear must have pressure on the gears to hold tuning properly.
  14.        Are the strings properly wound on the tuner peg? The string should self-lock on itself to eliminate any slippage. 
  15.        How to string your guitar correctly -
  16.        If guitar is equipped with a vibrato (tremolo) bridge, locking tuners are a must.
  17.        Are frets dressed and level?
  18.        Excessive fret wear will cause a note to play out of tune.
  19.        Is truss rod properly adjusted?
  20.        Is guitar properly intonated?
  21.        Are pickups set too close to the strings?
  22.        Pickups that are set too close to the strings will cause the guitar to go out of tune, due to the magnetic pull of the pickup magnets.