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MannMade USA Vintage Style Locking Tuner Set - Nickel, Green Button

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SKU: 7025-NG
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MannMade USA Vintage Style Locking Tuner Set
Nickel, Green Button

  • Fits most brand guitars with 6mm Vintage Style Tuner Shafts
  • Set of six. (Includes installation screws)
  • Locking Thumbscrews included
  • Non-branded (no logo).
  • Hanchang Tuners MODIFIED in USA by MannMade USA

Functions similar to the US version PRS Phase II tuners!

Tuners can be used as direct replacements on guitars equipped with Vintage style tuners including select PRS SE model guitars *

Same brand and quality as PRS SE original equipment, No modifications necessary

  • Shaft diameter - 6mm (.236")
  • Gear ratio 15:1

Hardware includes:

  • 7 Locking Black Thumbscrews
  • 6 Grommets
  • 12 Mounting Screws

MannMadeUSA Part # 7025-NG

* Fits PRS SE Silver Sky, SE Bernie Marsden, SE Zack Meyers, SE Paul's Guitar and McCarty 594 (Core, S2, SE)
* Does NOT fit PRS SE Custom models
07-12-2022 22:15

Customer service was awesome but the website was a little difficult to navigate through. However, I was able to call and spoke with the staff who was very helpful and answered all my questions. Looking forward to ordering more merchandise.

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