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MannMade USA VintageVibrato Bridge - Nickel

Fits all Vintage Strat® - style guitars with no modifications.
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SKU: 2010-N
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MannMade USA VintageVibrato® Bridge

Fits all Vintage Strat® - style guitars with no modifications.


  • Steel Top Plate and Sustain Block for authentic Strat® sound, with increased tone and sustain.
  • Has all the same features as the legendary PRS® bridge.
  • Better tone, more sustain, smooth silky feel, less string breakage!
  • Assembly comes complete with arm, springs and necessary mounting hardware.
  • Installation instructions included.
  • Designed & Manufactured in USA by MannMade USA


  • Six hole mount.
  • String spacing E-E = 2-1/8" (54.0 mm)
  • Mounting hole spacing = 2-7/32" (56.3 mm)
  • Top Plate - Precision Machined Cold Rolled Steel, Polished, Nickel Plated
  • Sustain Block - Precision Machined Cold Rolled Steel
  • Saddles - Precision Machined Brass, Polished, Nickel Plated
  • Mounting Screws -  Precision Machined Cold Rolled Steel, Nickel Plated
  • Arm - Precision centerless ground Stainless Steel, White Tip
  • Trem Springs - Nickel Plated
  • Hardware - Stainless Steel

MannMade USA # 2010-N

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**Please Note**
* Bridge Claw Not Included

14-02-2023 16:19

I received the 2010 tremolo unit and installed it this week. Really superb piece of work. The install was a breeze. I have sustain that seems to go on forever. I am glad I took the chance on this!

07-12-2022 22:53

I tried a copy version of John's trem on a PRS and thought it would make a fine addition to my partscaster. I could not have been more blown away by the performance, the improvement in tone and the buttery smooth action of this trem. I find it surprising that more people haven't done this upgrade. Despite the ultra clear instructions, I broke a screw and that same day they had a spare set in the post. 10/10, if I acquire any more guitars with a vintage trem, they'll be getting a MannMade upgrade.

07-12-2022 22:49

The vintage Mann bridge made on my Stratocaster from 1965 is a portentous thing. The assembly was easy, the holes and the screws perfect. Now the guitar keeps the tuning even using the lever strongly. I'm happy.
Thanks mann made Giuseppe
Abbasanta, Sardegna Italy

07-12-2022 22:42

I own quite a few Mann bridges and they are all top-notch! High quality in every respect. Every one of his bridges has improved the tone, play-ability and intonation on the guitar I installed them on. If you want a true upgrade, look no further.

07-12-2022 22:41

Happy to be able to get the classic PRS vibrato design for Fender! MannMade has been my go-to upgrade for PRS SEs and older Core models. I love the added sustain and fullness to the tone. Replaced a Babicz with the Mann. The Mann brought back the high end sizzle and harmonics.

07-12-2022 22:22

Mann vibrato bridges feel good, stay in tune better, fit the space in a typical guitar better and most importantly help to to add body while retaining string to string clarity.
This is compared to Fender, Gotoh, WudTone, German CrazyParts and of course various Chinese efforts, some of which look similar, but do not yield the same tone.
Customer service from Guitar Vault USA is A1, fast email response, fast shipping too.
Altogether a very worthwile improvement to make if you want your instrument to sound as good as it is capable of.

5 stars based on 6 reviews

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