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Gotoh Vintage Locking Tuner Set - Nickel

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Gotoh Vintage Locking Tuner Set

Gotoh began manufacturing stringed instrument parts in 1960 and is the only domestic machine head manufacturer in Japan. Their parts are sold worldwide and are consistently ranked at the top of the industry by musical instrument makers.

  • Gotoh® Tuners Modified in USA by MannMade USA
  • Fits most guitars with US tuner shaft (1/4" dia)
  • Set of six. (Includes installation screws)
  • Locking Thumbscrews included
  • Tuners are modified Gotoh SD90
  • Single Ring Ivoriod tuner button

Functions just like the US version PRS Phase II tuners!
No modifications necessary

  • Shaft diameter - 6.35 mm (.25")
  • Gear ratio 1:15

Hardware includes:

  • 7 Locking Black Thumbscrews
  • 6 Grommets
  • 12 Mounting Screws


MannMade USA  # 7050-N

Please note - Not offered individually 

Does NOT fit PRS SE / S2 / CE models (see MannMade USA part #7025 or #7030)

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