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PRS Multi-Fit Hard Case, Black Paisley, Blue Interior

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PRS Paisley Multi-Fit Case
Black Paisley

Covered in Paul's favorite paisley fabric, this Multi-Fit case will get you to your gig in style!
Wrapped in paisley and featuring brown vinyl binding with gold piping, the blue plush interior will fit your PRS like a glove. Brass hardware, buckle latches, and padded handle gives an extra classy touch.
(locking center latch, key included) 

*Fits the following currently-offered PRS Guitars:

Core Customs, McCarty's, 408, 513, Santana, Tremonti, DGT, and Paul's Guitar.
Bolt-On CE24.
S2 Customs, Standards, Singlecut's, Mira, and Starla (with Bigsby arm in "down" position).
SE Customs, Standards, 245, Santana's, Tremonti, Holcomb, and Myers.

PRS Part # ACC-4286
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