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Schaller M6 180 Locking Tuner - Treble side - Chrome - Shared D/G

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SKU: 7063-C
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Schaller M6 180 Locking Tuner - Treble, Shared
Sealed Housing, 1 tuner - Treble Side, Shared Mount Screw

  • Fits most brand guitars with Schaller® M6 tuners
  • Locking Thumbscrews included
  • Schaller® branded (no PRS logo).
  • Schaller® Tuner MODIFIED in USA by MannMade USA

Convert your PRS Phase I "Winged Collar" tuners to PRS Phase II style Locking Tuners !
Functions similar to the US version PRS Phase II tuners

Tuners can be used as direct replacements on most PRS Core guitars with larger style PRS / Schaller M6 Phase I tuners. No modifications necessary.

With the original M6 having set the standard for closed-type tuning machines worldwide for half a century the new M6 offers numerous upgrades and improvements without losing its iconic halo.

Since the launch of the open back GrandTune™ tuning machine series in 2014 Schaller’s 18:1 Velvet-Tec™ technology has found its way onto most of the finest headstocks of our industry for unparalleled tuning precision and comfort.  

MannMade USA # 7063-C

* Tuner bodies may be slightly smaller in size than original Schaller tuners from 1985 - 2000 (see Technical Specs w/ photos)

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