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StewMac 220K Resistors (5 pack)

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When you want the best for your amp
Upgrade your amp with the best sounding, most reliable, and highest quality parts available.

Resistors are a key component in the circuit of your amp. When you're building or upgrading your amp, you need to know that each piece will be absolutely reliable, and will sound great. Metal film resistors are less noisy, have precise tolerances and voltage drop, and aren't as susceptible to temperature change as other resistors. This means better reliability and better tone for your amp. These are the resistors we prefer when building or upgrading our own amps.

  • ± 1% tolerance
  • -55° C to 155° C operating range
  • 350 V working, 700 V overload
  • Epoxy coated
  • Nickel chromium ceramic substrate
  • Alloy coated leads
  • Welded end caps
  • EIA color coded
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